Pallet Sorts end on Oct 2nd, starting at 6pm. Pickup on Oct 3rd & 4th

About Us

Who is NPS?

National Product Sales, Inc. (also known as The NPS Store) is a large warehouse and online store with items from every day necessities to unique products! NPS Store has everything from clothes and home decor, to electronics, hardware, groceries and much, much more!

Why are NPS Prices So Low?

NPS acquires our inventory from overstock, unclaimed items, refused shipments, and damaged products from various companies. Our unique system makes it possible for you to get the products you want at unbelievably great prices!

Our Story

NPS has been serving customers in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas since 1968. Our business started with a simple concept of assisting other businesses with overstock, refused, unclaimed, and damaged merchandise. At NPS, our goal is to help businesses efficiently deal with excess inventory in an environmentally friendly way, while saving the consumer money on these products and goods.

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